Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roommates Layout Page 2

I finally was able to finish the second page to this layout. After getting the pictures the right size it came together quickly. If you didn't see the blog post before this one, keep scrolling down to see it. There is where you will find all the info on what I used on this layout as well as a little back story for the layout.

The journaling on the right side of the page is just a few of the quirks of my past roomie that I thought I would like to be able to remember when I am much older. Out of the 6 roommates I had while in college I went 3 and 3.... 3 great ones and 3 awful ones! I don't think I will be doing any scrapbook pages in tribute to the bad ones anytime soon. ;) But I really enjoyed doing this layout, and I think it will be one of my favorites when I am older since it highlights someone who was a big part of my life while in college so, I think I will put one together of my other good roommate situations.