Sunday, August 16, 2009

By Popular Demand... Instructions on How to Make the Petite Perks Gift Box

Wow, I really did not expect so many people to fall in love with my little box as much as they did. I am truly flattered! So by popular demand, here are the instructions on how to make your very own little gift box.

What You Need:
-12''x12'' piece of cardstock
-Strong adhesive
-Scoring Blade
-Paper trimmer
-Patterned Paper

Ok here are the cutting and scoring templates for the box. You will need a 4''x5.5'' piece as well as a 7.5''x9'' piece. Click on the images to enlarge them.
-Laying the larger piece so the it is 9'' from left to right, score at the following measurements: 0.5'', 1.5'', 2.5'', 6.5'', 7.5'', 8.5''.
-Now you will need to score from top to bottom. Score at: 0.5'', 2'', and 6''.
-Using your scissors or paper trimmer remove scraps from corners and cut tabs onto corners as shown in the template.
-Fold on score lines.
-Your remaining piece should look similar to this:On your smaller piece of cardstock score and cut according to this template below:
-Score 4'' from the top (leaving 1.5'' below the score line)
-Cut corners to create tab and fold on score line Now you're ready to assemble your box. The larger tabs on both pieces will become the top. Add a strong adhesive to the bottom tab of your larger piece and attach to bottom of the small piece as shown in the following picture:Add adhesive onto the two side tabs that are o.5'' and attach to the opposite side. The side of the box should look like this:Now its time for you to punch 2 hols into the top flaps. I just eyeball where I want the holes for the first flap and then use a pen to mark the spots on the second flap to ensure they overlap.Thread your ribbon from the inside of the box through the holes of the flap from the backside of the box up through the holes of both flaps as shown in the next two pictures. Now you are all set to tie the ribbon into a bow and embellish the front as you wish! Simple, right?! I am planning on making these for many occasions... Halloween filled with little treats, Christmas filled with goodies and small presents, and of course I will continue to make these to give away the CTMH petite perks in too!