Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to My Love of Layouts

OK, so the past few posts took a little detour from what I really enjoy, which is layouts! Although I am definitely a sucker for a cute handmade box and I have fallen into the card making routine for birthdays and holidays, scrapbooking is much more fun for me. So here is a layout going all the way back to my freshman year in college. I had to do a layout to commemorate the friendship I had with these girls.
I love these clear buttons that I stitched onto the pages. They are found a few places thought the two page spread. They give just that extra bit of detail but are still "light" feeling and don't make the layout too busy since they are clear.

Whats that you see... why its stickles of course. Really, if you haven't used them yet you are missing out! They are fantastic! I wish the pictures could show you really how fabulous they are but capturing sparkle is not the easiest of tasks.