Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorority Date Dash Layout

Ok ok, so I still haven't worked on finishing up my CKU projects.... There is just so much to do, but maybe during the week I will work on them. Keep you fingers crossed for me! So until then here is another older layout of mine.

The words are all pop-dotted up, I know you can't tell in the picture though. The silvery/gunmetal paper is super neat. I had it for ages and can not remember who makes it but it has the weirdest feel to it, its kind of soft and delicate feeling. I bought a few other colors/textures at the same time so now that I am thinking of it maybe I will pull it out to get some use out of it! I am also perpetually looking for greek letter stickers, stamps, rub ons, you name it! The greek letters here were made at a scrapbook store in Tucson that has since closed its doors. They used to do custom laser cuts though which was great and luckily I stocked up on the greek letters before they closed down! It's so hard to find greek letters!

The pictures are from my sorority date dash, Under the Sea. Everyone dressed as pirates, mermaids, sailors, and anything else you could think of! My friend Nick even came as sponge bob!