Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner, Dancing and Silly Faces

Trying to catch up on my scrapbooking is a never ending project. I have so much from my spring break cruise in 2007 left to scrapbook alone! Not to mention my family trip to Hawaii that I have barely scrapbooked at all and so so so many other things too!

I absolutely LOVE this layout because it combines some of my favorite memories with beautiful paper and then the icing on the cake.... Stickles of course! If you have come to one of the Scissors and the City retreats then you know it doesn't take very long for me to bring out the Stickles.

The pictures are from one of the last dinners on the cruise, when the wait staff and chefs came out to dance and do the macarana with us. My friends all got up to join in and dance along and when the dancing came to an end our fun continued going. We started making silly faces in nearly every picture and then our waiter gave us the idea to use the spoons as eye wear! :-P