Friday, May 22, 2009

Dad's Weekend / Icecats Game Layout

Here is another layout I completed last weekend while I was away at the Scissors and the City scrapbooking retreat. (I also completed 2 more 1 page layouts that I will post as soon as I finish the second page to both of them) The pictures are from my sorority's dads weekend in 2007 when we went to an Icecats (UofA mens hockey) game. I had these pictures all set to scrap for such a long time paired with different paper but, as soon as I swapped out the paper it came together rather quickly. One of my favorite details about this layout is on the left page in the striped paper I place a sticker that has all sorts of hockey words like skate, puck, ice, etc. I like how it is very subtle and only when you take time to view it will you see it!